Aimee on Aussie Air-Live Today


Aimee on Aussie Air-Live

Join Legendary Max Delmege and myself as we go LIVE in his studio in Sydney, Australia for his TalkBack 2SM radio show this Friday, 7 December 13, 8am EST; 12am AEDT.

Get involved with the show on 13 12 69. TO SAY GIDDAY 😉

TuneIn Radio app. and get the app to listen to this and the world’s radio such as with
Bill Russo, The Bill Russo Show and Anthony Lofaso, AC Lowe Show in NYC.

One thought on “Aimee on Aussie Air-Live Today

  1. Hello famous!

    Your announcement is now posted on my Facebook page. Enjoy the show with enthusiasm. I will try to listen in. Do you know if the station there records and re-posts the show? How long is the actual show? Enjoy!!!!!



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