Being “grabbed,” like at the Beijing Silk Market?

Do you ever feel like people are grabbing at you like they physically do at the Silk Market in Beijing?

Just when your trying to silence your mind and get into the Theta waves of creativity. Only to find the more you withdraw the more over functioning occurs on their part. And it becomes a flooding of people all at once.

Yes, I am thankful for people wanting to “grab at me” but sometimes a “sick” day is warranted for creating creativity. Creativity may equal to increasing money for some individuals. Beijing money perhaps.

In my observances, I see most people rushing, ignoring the things occurring in the present moment. They have no intentions on slowing down their brain waves from Beta to Alpha for meditation. Let alone Alpha to Theta, which is where a majority of hunches and creativity is born. Such as statues, art, inventions etc.

Why? Why don’t people want to access this newish realm for some people. FEAR. Fear? Yes, fear because this means you have to be alone with yourself. With nothing such as environmental stimulation available for your addictive personalities to fien on.

Why is this so close to my heart? Because this was me.

Try it more often. I’d really be interested in your findings. 😉


One thought on “Being “grabbed,” like at the Beijing Silk Market?

  1. Your HATS concept and how you set it up with graphics + text is amazing. Your marketing skills are very professional – I know from experience – you’re on your way to healing & travel success!


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