Head In Clouds= Getting Happy = Success


There is a great correlation between happiness and success. 

Get your head in the clouds, whether they are the fake clouds at the Venetian in Vegas or the organic fluffy types in the sky. If you do the “work” to first get happy then you will experience an unfolding of your dreams finding you. Wouldn’t that be more delightful?
How many times as a child were you told to get your head out of the clouds? Or get your head in the game? Such harsh verbiage at times. 
How many people purchase their luxury car, 
dream vacation home, etc only to “be happy” to feel manic? How many people get disgruntled when they at the time feel as though they can’t afford to do this right now and give up. The path to happiness is to get yourself there regardless of having those things. To imagine yourself already having these things, think and imagine yourself in ownership. They key is, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. 
“Providing the brain progressively with input it finds difficult to handle, pushes the nervous system to reorganize at higher levels of functioning.” F. Mann

One thought on “Head In Clouds= Getting Happy = Success

  1. The Heal and Travel Society has landed back on the Internet. Looking forward to your stories and all posts. – Bill R. (Fabintro)

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