The “Spreadsheet” For Change

Do you even want to change? Is the prominent question. Are you okay with your happiness level at this given moment?

Unsure? Trying to be sure…your happy. Lets continue for a moment. Resistance to this, it’s okay, it’s expected. But, change is evident. One thing that will never change is my love to fly over the Grand Canyon and embrace it’s unbelievable beauty.

I think about us as creatures of habit. Over the last three years I’v actively been seeking the uncomfortable over comfortable, “expanding my horizons” as they say.

My “reports” of worldly cultural knowledge personally collected will be titled ‘International Side Notes’ collected from people all over the world such as, Portugal’s Famous Sayings, “In my village we say, happy evenings, sad mornings.”

I will continue spending my time researching behavioral psychology, studying of the thinking patterns and “mind-sets” of happy fulfilled successful people while sharing my findings.

I seek out answers, I seek out enrichment to heal others. I seek out, Yes, to make the world a better place. Let’s Go!!

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