Separating The Clouds Heading Into Clarity, Fear2Pain2Pleasure

 Do you dare to take the challenge to find your underlying fears and pain to become more fulfilled?

 As I lay awake mind racing, thinking about family and friends only to be given a few days to live, I reflect on the importance of fulfillment of ones life.

 Some of us such as I have hit rock bottom harder than others. It’s what you do with your days in the present and future that is the utmost importance. Sometimes things just need to Stay Simple.

 As much as people want to avoid pain and therefore overcompensate to never live that feeling out again, we tend to layer. We layer and press those feelings so far down they’re not in sight.

 However, living a true life of fulfillment is simply gratitude. Perhaps being somewhat thankful for those dark experiences that once overwhelmed our lives. When we can start to become more grateful for things in life we can truly begin to part through the clouds in the sky and live a brighter life of true fulfillment.

 In the process of separating the clouds on a journey to clarity and fulfillment, there are bumps, there are turbulence. When I’m flying high in the air, large clouds usually equivocate large turbulence ahead. In life, things may become shaky because you’re becoming one with yourself. You stop beating yourself up.

 As a firm believer and walking example of second chances, we have to allow ourselves to strive to want a second chance. To be open and deserving of new opportunities. To jump out of ones own way and “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Jilian Michaels
My phrase to live and be alive by.

 The content I include will consist of a makeup of wise fellows crawling before they walk that impose knowledge less sought after.

 I will go to the great niches of the world to dissect the continents in finding the hidden jewels and secrets to a fulfilled life. I will treasure hunt seeking pain and pain that people may not want to realize lies within them, strengthening them, while discovering their secrets to life, fulfillment and pleasure.

 Whilst remembering the only person that can “fix” you is you. In this journey of finding pain within individuals, facing my fears along the way I hope you stick with me to also engage and face your perhaps hidden fears that may submerge along the way.

 So again I ask, Do you dare to take the challenge to find your underlying fears and pain to become more fulfilled?

2 thoughts on “Clouds2Clarity

  1. Aimee, You’ve made some very thought-provoking comments! Because of your past experiences, both positive and negative, you’ve gained insight into life that some people never find. We ‘re proud of your accomplishments and who you’re still evolving into as you continue on your journey.

  2. Ah…, I read this and tears appeared– Happy tears of how far you have come!!! I’m truly very proud of you too… and to have shared a bit of your journey early on. Although our lives are busy as ever, I take a bit of time to follow in the distance. “My Little” I will always remember you with a smile… Scandalous with a purpose to do good, WOW!

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